Manolo Link, freier Schriftsteller
Manolo Link, freier Schriftsteller 

A New Life on Bali

An inspiring true story of love, loss and hope

Gisela and Mano had both known tough times when they met and found happiness together. Gisela introduced Mano to Bali, and together they became frequent visitors, enchanted by its heart-warming people, beauty and deep spirituality. On her first visit to Bali Gisela had the feeling she was coming home. Many years later the circle closed in a very special way.


“Manolo Link is an inspiration. His curiosity, determination and willingness to change his life are an example to us all.” Lorna Byrne, International Bestselling Author of Angels in my Hair

“Link’s powerful new book about Bali brings light to us all. How he was able to find the strength to continue on after the life-changing loss that he endured is a miracle in itself. This book is about love, hope and peace and will help to reawaken dreams for the present and for the future.” Christopher Reburn, Author and Radio Show Host

“A great and deeply moving love story that is also a homage to Bali and its people.” Johann Hartmann, Alternative Practitioner


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